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NRG Steering Wheels

I ordered this car as my first important step-up from the bangers that I used to drive. My last vehicle was a Daihatsu Sportrak, a brilliant little petrol 4×4, created like a tank, especially good in summertime with the removable difficult covers although certainly not worthy of long motorway driving. It had been that vehicle that persuaded me to look for yet another 4×4 when it ultimately died.

I was buying a similar measured 4×4 which was much more comfortable on long trips, it must be diesel to boost on fuel prices in comparison to my past car.

After much searching, and looking at different various versions such as the Suzuki Fantastic Vitara, Honda HRV, Ford CRV, Landrover Freelander, and Daihatsu Terios, I came across the short wheel foundation (SWB) edition of the Toyota Rav4 (there has since been a brand new product in which the short wheelbase edition is no further being made and the product range has been provided an over-all facelift). First thing that stood out is that it appears far more fashionable than the different 4×4’s in the exact same school, especially the diesel engined variation, which I chosen, with the bonnet deal for the turbo intercooler.

As it happens that the diesel engine that comes in that model (2.0 D-4D) is really very efficient, I am currently returning 41.7 mpg typically which is mostly town driving. Still another great level concerning this engine is it’s low CO2 productivity (190g/km) that will be 1 in a person’s eye for anyone 4×4 haters available since it has decrease emmissions than most cars, bear in mind nevertheless that the raising car excise work rates indicates difficult the vehicle can be very high priced however you will reclaim this money with the savings on fuel.

The product I ordered NRG Steering Wheels was the 2 home NRG which included the recommended leather seats and 6 disc changer which can be based underneath the passenger seat. The leather chairs are really comfortable on extended journeys, the experience thinks tough however doesn’t separate your back when experiencing pot holes.

For a 4×4 the RAV sides extremely properly with little or no roll. The RAV was rumoured to be the’4×4 GTi’and I can verify those rumours, it pulls really firmly through each gear and will quickly top 100mph. The RAV comes as a full time 4 wheel push aside form the NV product that is 2 wheel drive. Professionally I do believe this design is pointless, who in their correct brain will probably buy a 2 wheel drive 4×4?

The RAV is billed as a softroader which means it’s vehicle like operating faculties but has the capability to cope with the occasional down roading should you will need it. The thought of softroaders came about since vehicle companies noticed that individuals get major 4x4s since they believe they’re safer, in addition they realised that hardly any of those people actually applied their 4x4s down road, so softroaders maintained the high operating place and measurement of’correct’4x4s while simplifying the 4×4 working gear and treatment the suspension to produce them more suited to operating on the road. While it does not come with the lower move field which comes with the larger 4×4’s, it will handle most of the off street situations that you are probably ahead across. The 4×4 element really comes into it’s possess below severe temperature problems, indicating it will manage better and thus be better, that coupled with electric brakeforce circulation (EBD) implies that you are feeling well informed operating that car in poor climate than any typical 2 wheel get car.

One unique feature about any of it D-4D engine could be the variable nozzle turbocharger, this enables the turbo to adjust simply how much air is permitted to enter the turbo and therefore produces an extra 5bhp over the old D-4D engine and delivers a continuing torque of 250Nm between 1800rpm and 3000rpm.

Maximum power of 114bhp (85kW) happens at 4000rpm. As well as it creates a satisfying turbo protest once you reach the turbo group!

Anything you may not get with the 2dr RAV4 is a boot. With the trunk seats forced all the way right back (the 2 separate rear chairs regulate forward and back and also incline) there’s virtually number workable boot space whatsoever. That makes the SWB 2 door edition of the RAV 4 unsuitable to families greater than 2 unless you’re going to utilize the RAV as another family car. For me it’s excellent as I seldom have more than 2 persons in the vehicle at any 1 time. If I actually do require any start room for any such thing substantial it’s no problem because the trunk 2 chairs flip ahead and lock into place, and if necessary could be completely removed with the straightforward push of a lever.

With Toyota being a Western car company additionally you get the advantage of exceptional quality and outstanding reliability. That can save you profit the long term and can outweigh the advanced you will buy an automobile with this make. Toyota proposes that significant solutions ought to be executed on the RAV 4 every 20,000 miles which also means that you should see less of the dealer or local garage that will be generally an excellent sign.

Crucial Functions

Available in three and five-door bodystyles

Regular four-wheel drive (two-wheel drive NV edition unavailable with D-4D engine)

Newest engineering, popular track, 2.0-litre D-4D diesel

Outstanding energy economy, reduced sound, reduced emissions

Obtainable in four trim levelsl (NV, NRG, GX and VX)

Outstanding mixed fuel use of 39.8 mpg

0-62mph in 12.1 moments, optimum speed of 106mph

WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) entrance chairs, ABS with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and twin front airbags common on all grades

MPV-style versatility with rear seats designed to fall, flip, slip and be removed

Air con standard on all degrees

Rural alarm and Thatcham Class One immobiliser fixed as normal

Top rails common on all degrees

Provided with three-year/ 60,000 mile guarantee as typical

On sale in the UK from 1 September 2001

D-4D engine is a £1000 premium over petrol designs


ENGINE (2.0L D-4D)


Valve Device Variable device time, 16 device, DOHC, Sequence Get

Bore x Stroke (mm) 82.2 x 94.0

Displacement (cc) 1995

Retention rate 18.6:1

Max. Power bhp/rpm (kW) 114 @ 4,000 (85)

Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 250 @ 1,800-3,000


0-62mph 12.1 secs

Max rate 106mph


Downtown mpg 31.7

Extra-Urban mpg 46.3

Combined mpg 39.8

CO2 g/km 190


Kerb fat (kg) 1315-1425 1370-1485

Gross vehicle weight (kg) 1785 1925

Towing capacity-u/braked (kg) 640 640

Towing capacity-braked (kg) 1500 1500


1st 3.833

second 2.045

3rd 1.333

4th 0.972

5th 0.731

Reverse 3.583


Overall length 3850 – NV3865 – NRG 4200 – NV4250 – GX4260 – VX

Overall width (mm) 17351785 (wide pack) 17351785 (wide pack)

Over all height – 4WD (mm) 1695 (215 tyre)1700 (235 tyre) 1705 (215 tyre)1710 (235 tyre)

Wheelbase (mm) 2280 2490

Min. turning radius (m) 5.0 5.3

Tread size – 4WD (mm) top 1505 (215 tyre)1525 (235 tyre)

Tread width – 4WD (mm) back 1495 (215 tyre)1520 (235 tyre)

Gas Tank capacity (L / gal) 57 / 12.5

Coefficient of Pull 0.35


Rear chairs in position 150 410

Rear seats flattened 230 520

Back seats eliminated 690 970


Front MacPherson Struts with L-shaped hands

Back Dual Wishbone with trailing hands


Front (diameter) Ventilated cd (302mm)

Rear (diameter) Strong disc (298mm)


Type Tray and Pinion

Proportion 16

Turns lock to lock 2.9


Wheel measurement 16″ Aluminum / Steel

Tyre size (NV & GX)(NRG & VX) 215/70 Kiminas 16235/60 Dtc 16


Excellent Details Outstanding construction, trusted, stylish, infrequent company times, drives well, relaxed, gas efficient, and eco-friendly.

Poor Items Expensive to tax, insufficient boot place on the 2dr model.

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